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Derby Moor Partnerships

Partnerships with outside organisations are an important part of the development of our students and staff.

We are supported by a number of local businesses which help our young people develop skills and knowledge that makes them more employable.  It also helps to make learning more fun and engaging.


Martin Care from Bombardier is now the school’s Enterprise Advisor and will be working in partnership with Ms Peapell in several areas, including;

 a) to influence the development of the school’s curriculum to improve alignment with what employers in Derby are looking for.

  1. b) taking part in a number of career based activities within the school to enhance students’ employability skills, such as our Mock Interview evening, and career based talks.
  2. c) to help the leadership team at the school develop the overall strategy for building aspiration and career options visibility for students across the age ranges at Derby Moor using the broader Enterprise Advisor’s Network.
  3. d) working alongside the technology department supporting our budding engineers. Providing support through mentoring and coaching along with technical assistance with course delivery.    

 Martin has worked for Bombardier in Derby for 11 years and has over 30 year’s career experience in both the broader Engineering service sector, and working with young people in development of apprenticeships and graduate schemes.



 Our maths department has developed a partnership with Buildbase in Derby.  Buildbase is a builders' merchants with over 290 branches in the United Kingdom, and is part of Grafton Group plc. Some of our students will be visiting their local site and using their maths skills in some real life scenarios.  They will also be having a tour of the business and taking part in a questions and answers session. To find out about the latest vacancies with Buildbase, click here



The collaboration between Derby Moor and FMC came about through Business in the Community who partnered us both together as both parties wished to build strong links between school and business.

FMC are a Burton based company who specialise in making food dyes for the global market.

Business in the Community has set up a package of careers lessons to deliver in school called Careers Lab.

Careers Lab in partnership with FMC have delivered training to all our year 10 careers lessons this year.  Below is some of the feedback from students involved.

 “I learnt the various skills needed for a job and that the company (FMC) have a range of job roles which I may not have thought about.  FMC explained that it’s ok to change your mind between now and when you leave school as to the type of job you want to do.  The sessions were made different by having FMC employees share their experiences with the class” Safina Hussain


 “I found it useful for their advice and encouragement in doing well in our GCSE’s, FMC explained that different subject can lead to different pathways and careers.  The sessions made me realise the skills I need for a job, so that I can begin to learn them now before leaving school.  I think FMC in careers lessons has made a big impact as they have been able to share their different views with us about work and jobs from an employee’s perspective”  Sara Begum


 “Having FMC delivering Careers Lab was very interesting, I saw different careers from other people’s perspective which was better than just hearing it from school staff.  FMC explained that what you choose now may not be what you do in the future.  They spoke about the various roles within their company and the skills required” Kevin Kookooza

 This academic year, further lessons will be delivered to other year groups within the school.


 Derby University 

We are working with Dr Katy Vigurs, supporting the CPD behaviour training packages, helping staff to have a better understanding of their decision making and pupils' behaviour.


 Teach First

Teach First coordinates an employment-based teaching training programme across England and Wales whereby participants achieve Qualified Teacher Status through the participation in a two-year training programme that involves the completion of a PGCE along with wider leadership skills training and an optional master's degree. 

As a partnership school we mentor and develop Teach First participants through their teacher training. Since joining Teach First programme we have successfully developed a number of teachers and our contributions have been recognised by the recent visit from the Minister for Education, Justine Greening. 


Ambition School Leadership

Our Principal, Mr Smith, works with Ambition School Leadership, as part of the Talented Leaders Programme.  This provides us with additional funding and support to continue to develop our provision and raise standards.


George Spencer Alliance

Derby Moor is part of the George Spencer Alliance.  The vision of which is to develop the George Spencer Academy Teaching School Alliance as a true learning community focused on raising standards to improve the life chances of young people in all their schools. It aims to accelerate student learning & outcomes through exemplary governance, 'high performance' leadership development and high quality teaching and learning. The Alliance is committed to working collaboratively to share strengths and support development to ensure that they have the capacity and credibility to bring about successful school improvement.

George Spencer CPD and Training Programme

Derby Moor is part of the George Spencer CPD and Training Programme.  George Spencer Teaching School has a strong and well established reputation for delivering quality CPD.

 The school has access to:

o    Pre-ITT programmes such as Future Teaching Scholars and Internships

o    Initial Teacher Training through their SCITT programme

o    NQT and RQT programmes and ongoing support for former trainees

o    Coaching and mentoring programmes

o    Subject specialist programmes

o    Support staff programmes such as our Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP) and Science technician seminar

o    Teaching and learning programmes such as our Improving Teacher Programme, Outstanding Teacher Programme and Teacher Communities of Practice (TCPs)

o    Developing existing and emerging leaders through our Leadership Pathways programmes and subject and phase specific leadership networks, and delivery of NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training

George Spencer Academy has been named by the ‘Good Teacher Training Guide’ as one of the Top 10 teacher trainer providers in the country.

As part of the School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT),  Derby Moor offers teaching training to a number of staff who are currently on the programme.


 National Citizen Service        

Derby Moor has strong links with the National Citizen Service (NCS).  NCS is a two or four week programme for 16 & 17 year olds which takes place during school holidays. The programme, which UCAS recommends referencing on personal statements, helps teens develop skills for work and life including confidence, leadership and resilience, whilst also expanding social networks.

 Derby Moor have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to NCS with the volume of sign ups and are among the top 20 schools nationally. The school has excelled at motivating students to take up extracurricular activities, specifically encouraging young people to attend the four week programme during their term breaks, leading to increased interest in volunteering. We have been a “Champion” school for NCS for the last three years, something few other schools have achieved.

 Recently the school received a visit from David Cameron to showcase the work Derby Moor are doing with the NCS.

David Cameron who became chair of patrons at the National Citizen Service Trust in October last year was keen to see the work NCS were doing with a school first hand.

 Mr Cameron spoke with Derby Moor NCS graduates about their time on the programme and visited a number of classes.


Derbyshire Sexual Health Partnership

As part of the Derbyshire Sexual Health Partnership, we provide basic sexual health advice and advice on long term contraception on request.  We also offer the Chlamydia Screening Programme and C-Card Scheme.

Chlamydia Screening Programme: As part of our chlamydia screening programme we provide free self-sampling kits

C-Card Scheme: The C-Card scheme is a condom distribution scheme which ensures easy access to sexual health advice and free condoms It has proved a successful element of the wider Public Health strategy to reduce unprotected sex, rates of STIs and unplanned pregnancies.





 We are always looking to partner with organisations, so please get in touch if you would like to work with us.