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Governing Body

A Message from the Chair of Governors


I would like to introduce myself; I am Adrian Heaton, Chair of Governors.  My role as Chair is to work with the other Governors, the Principal and his team to ensure that the purpose of the Governing body is achieved.  There are 3 main duties:

1-Providing a strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school

2-Supporting, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the school to include finance answerability

3-Ensuring accountability for the standards achieved and the quality of education.

This sounds very difficult but with so many excellent colleagues, Governors, Teachers and Pupils at Derby Moor, it makes my role an enjoyable and rewarding one.  I am proud to be associated with such a positive, supportive school.

 Adrian Heaton

Chair of Governors

Governors Procedure and Terms of Reference

Governors Procedure and Terms of Reference

Why Do We Have A Governing Body?

To help our school provide the best possible education for our students by:

  • thinking and working strategically to help raise standards
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards priorities and targets
  • supporting the Principal and staff as well as challenging their expectations
  • accounting to all stakeholders for the school’ s performance and for the decisions they make


The Composition of our Governing Body

Our Governing body has a minimum of 11 members in total. They are:

Executive Principal

Minimum of 1 elected staff governors

Minimum of 2 elected parent governors

1 Local Authority governor, nominated by the local authority and appointed by the Governing Body

 Four Foundation governors representing Trust partners:

  • Derby City NHS
  • Derby City Local Authority Leisure and Culture
  • Derby University
  • Derby County Football Club

Minimum of 2 “co-opted” governors

We can also co-opt people to be governors for temporary periods if we need representation for a time from a particular community, sector of industry, etc.

School governors are in place to ensure schools are well run. They are volunteers who help to decide on the direction, focus and ethos of the school. Governors represent school staff, parents, the local community and the Trust organisations connected to the school. This means that school decisions are made by people with a wide range of experience and views.


Different types of governor:

Parent Governors - parents or carers elected by other parents or carers with children at the school or, on occasion, appointed by the governing body (when we have a vacancy for a parent governor we contact all parents via the website and ask for nominations and then all parents can take part in a vote to elect a parent governor).

Staff Governors – elected by staff by a vote when a vacancy arises.

Trust Governors - appointed by the trustees of the Trust to help develop the academy’s Trust Plans.

LA Governor - suggested by the Local Authority and appointed by the governing body;

Co-opted Governors – individuals who are approached by the governing body on the basis of a significant contribution which they can make to the schools (Full term or part term office).

Governors serve for 4 years before they need to be replaced, re-elected or re-appointed.

 Derby Moor Community Sports College Trust: Governing Body

Constitution: 9 governors (2 vacancies - one for Foundation Trust governor and one for Parent)





Mr. A Heaton





Mr. P Hezelgrave


Local Authority



Mr. J W Ingleby





Cllr. R Skelton





Ms S. Rollinson




Ms G. Helliwell





Mr G Smith




Mr V Green




Mr I Cox




 Mrs J Brierley




  Register of Interests

The Governing body must ensure that governors are not involved in activities that might conflict with their role within the school.  As such a register of interest must be made available on the school website.

This document is updated fully each year and reviewed throughout the year.  It is the Governors responsibility to make the school aware of any changes during the year.

Please click on the document below to view the Register of Interests.

Register of Interests

Special Responsibilities

Each Governor is linked to different areas within school.  Please find below a list of these responsibilities.

Special Responsibilities


Committee Membership

Please click here for  Please click here for a list of Committee members  

Meeting dates 2016/2017:


Monday 26 September 2016

Governors' Annual General Meeting 

Monday 7  November 2016

 Resources ( R) Committee 5pm start/ School Improvement (SI) Committee 7.30pm start

Monday 5 December 2016

Full Governors’ Meeting

Monday  30 January 2017      

R Committee 5pm start / SI Committee 7.30pm start 

Monday 13 March 2017

R Committee 5pm start / SI Committee 7.30pm start 

Monday 27 March 2017

Full Governors' Meeting

Monday 15 May 2017

R Committee 5pm start / SI Committee 7.30pm start 

Monday 12 June 2017

R Committee 5pm start / SI Committee 7.30pm start 

Monday 3 July 2017

Full Governors' Meeting

Attendance at Meetings

Attendance at Governors meetings needs to be made available on the website.  Please click on the link below to view attendance at meetings.

Attendance at Governors Meetings 2016/17

Attendance at Governors Meetings 2015/16

Attendance at Governors Meetings 2014/15

Derby Moor Community Sports College Instrument of Government

  Please click here to view                 

Contact for the Governing Body:

 If you wish to contact any of the Governing Body please email:


Criteria for Appointment of Governors Policy

Governing Body Code of Conduct Policy

Governor Protocols for Faculty Link Visits

Governors Allowance Policy