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Important Information for Transition Days


What should I do if my child is sick?

If your child is unable to join us on these days please telephone the school immediately (01332 772706) to let us know the reason for your child’s absence.  Failure to do this could jeopardise your child’s placement with us.


Your child should arrive at Derby Moor Academy before 8.30am and report directly to Main Hall where he/she will be registered.  Please do not bring them to Derby Moor before 8.15am.  Your child will dismissed towards to the gates at 3.00pm.  Your child will not attend their Primary School on these days.


Derby Moor operates a compulsory school uniform policy and therefore, your child should dress smartly in his/her current Primary School Code of Dress when he/she joins us during Transition Process.  Jeans, leisurewear or casual wear must not be worn.

Items to Bring

Pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, notebook, trainers for a PE lesson and a packed lunch if needed or money (mix change of coins) for bus fares.


You may bring your child to, and collect him/her from school or use your own organised travel arrangements.  We ask you to be extremely careful when driving near the school and observe parking restrictions.  Please refer to the guidance sheet within this when bringing a car onto a school site.

 Midday Meal and Breaktime 

A Cafeteria-style lunch is served at Derby Moor, offering a wide selection of food. £3.00 should cover the cost of a meal, dessert and a drink and be able to purchase snacks at break time too.  Drinks may also be bought, ranging in price from 39p.  Children receiving Free School Meals are required to pay for anything they purchase in excess of £2.10.  Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch to school or purchase sandwiches from 99p a packet.

Biometric System

Derby Moor operates a Biometric system for the purchase of school dinners.  Please make sure that you complete the permission form to enable your child to use this system.  We would ask that you send in £10 before the Transition Days. If your child receives Free Meals at their current Primary School, they will be credited with £2.10 but they should bring extra money to put on to their dinner card to pay for anything they purchase in excess of £2.10.  Any money not used on the card will remain on the school system and can be used by your child in September.  Your child will be shown how to use the Biometric system. Please contact Mrs Lakin if you have any objections to your child using the Biometric system.