Principal's Update 23rd October 2020

Dear Families,


I write to you to say thanks. Thanks for your support throughout this last half term. As a whole community we have been flexible and understanding during what have been challenging circumstances. We have had a really successful half term despite the pandemic that has become a dominant feature in all of our lives. Our students have been a credit to themselves, their families and our community as they have adapted to their new environment, the routines and a new way of working. There is a notable maturity amongst our older students who are giving way to the younger year groups and taking their studies ever so seriously. Our Year 7s and 8s have also been incredible – we know that transition to secondary school can be stressful but I have never seen a Year Group take the step up to secondary in their stride quite as easily as they have. Sixth form have set a high standard for themselves too, they are smart and focussed and have dealt with the greatest disruption of all Year Groups. They have been undeterred and made the most of the online provision and video lessons, showing independence and agility throughout. You can read about some of our success stories in our newsletter here.


There are some updates for you too ahead of the new half term:


Uniform – a reminder that we have High Expectations in terms of uniform at the academy. The vast majority of our students look smart and adhere to our guidance throughout, but, as a reminder our uniform guidance can be found here. Please note students are not allowed piercings except for one small stud in each ear, shoes should be plain black, skirts should be knee length and coats should be worn over the top of blazers, not beneath them.


Year 9 start time – we are bringing the Year 9 starting window forwards after half term. They should now arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.40. With our students understanding the staggered starts and zones we have in the morning we are now able to do this safely and extend their form time back to the normal duration.


Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening - This is due to go 'live' on our website from the 3rd November. Please look out for links and updates closer to the time.


Face coverings – we have been advising students to wear coverings in communal areas where they can’t social distance. As we return to school we will ask that all students have a face covering with them that can be worn as they move between classes and to and from break. We are making this decision based on the increase in cases across our region and ahead of a change in Covid Tier Alert for the city. Please ensure your child comes to school with a covering on the first Monday back.


I wish you all a safe and restful half term and look forward to seeing our students and staff return refreshed and ready for the next half term after a well-deserved break.


Best wishes,

Scott Doyle