Physical Education and Expressive Arts


The PEEA Faculty provides a curriculum which is taught within an exciting, safe and stimulating environment that allows all students to flourish and grow. By performing and competing in a range of consistently challenging activities students are able to develop and improve important life skills such as resilience, creativity, curiosity as well as developing a desire for a physically active lifestyle. The subjects taught within PEEA make a unique contribution to pupils' wellbeing and it could be argued that they are the most powerful subjects in terms of their impact on both physical and emotional health. 

Curriculum pathways in all subjects within the PEEA Faculty support all students to achieve the highest outcomes possible. Undertaking regular Quality Assurance guarantees high quality teaching and high quality outcomes for students. In KS3 students will develop their knowledge and skills to form the foundations for their future learning. This provides students as they move into KS4 with the necessary experiences to guide their pathway choices. In KS5 students will focus on studying P.E. or Health and Social Care in greater depth in preparation for studying these subjects at Higher Education Institutions. 

The PEEA Faculty provides an extensive and diverse range of extra curricular activities that enhance students’ school life. As well as providing clubs and competitive teams across a broad range of sports, clubs also exist for students to participate in additional music and drama clubs/experiences. Several high quality performances in the field of music, dance and drama are put on ( shared with parents ) each year to parents and the local communities. Visits to institutions such as Derby University are planned with the aim of raising students’ aspirations and trips to theatres are planned to develop the students’ cultural capacity. Such events raise aspirations and assist students in learning how to behave, interact and take a lead within society. 


Lessons are taught from Schemes of Work which are regularly reviewed and amended in order to remain fit for purpose. The PEEA Faculty aims to create an Every Child Matters culture seen within lessons through the way all students are encouraged to make rapid progress by the setting of appropriate targets and goals. Where individual students or targeted groups of students are recognised, through regular Data Point analysis, as falling behind their targets intervention is implemented to support those students. Outstanding outcomes are achieved through providing students with outstanding lessons in terms of teaching and learning. Learning is supplemented in Health and Social with work experience placements to support understanding and achievements. Students also attend conferences and volunteer for the local NHS Trust Expected outcomes for a series of lessons or a module of work are clearly identified in the KAS/WIN booklets and these are shared with students at the start and periodically during each module of work. Opportunities for high quality assessment, self and peer assessment in addition to teacher feedback is embedded into lessons. 


A calendared/timetabled Quality Assurance(QA) process ensures the outstanding quality of the PEEA curriculum is maintained throughout the year. The focus of each work scrutiny and student voice is selected as a result of an analysis of the previous Data Point. This QA takes place in addition to an end of year curriculum provision audit which also includes an examination analysis. Amendments and adjustments to the curriculum are then made as required in light of the results/findings of the audit and QA process. It is intended that the PEEA Faculty will impact on students in a way which will prepare them to leave Derby Moor Academy with a positive attitude towards pursuing a healthy active lifestyle and the necessary knowledge and soft skills to be able to perform successfully long term in a working environment.