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School Policies are available here for you to view at your convenience. These have been written in conjunction with the Headteacher, Governors and Office Staff for the benefit of parents, teachers and students.

If the policy you require is not listed here yet please call the main school switchboard on 01332 772706 or email to request a printed copy.

Policy Downloads:

Accessibility Plan

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment Marking Reporting Policy

Attendance and Leave of Absence Policy

Behaviour and Exclusion Policy

Careers Education, Information and Guidance Policy 

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy

Children Missing from Education Policy

Citizenship Policy

Code of Conduct for Staff

Community Cohension Policy

Complaints Procedure

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Policy

Data Protection Policy

Dealing with Abusive Parents

Determined Admissions Policy

Determined Admissions Policy (for Sept 2018)

Diversity and Equality Policy

Drug Education Policy

English as an additional language

Examination Policy

Feedback and Assessment

Gifted and Talented Policy

Home School Agreement

Homework Policy

Inclusion Policy

Information and Communication Technology

Literacy Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Management of Health and Safety in School Statement

Numeracy Policy

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Rewards Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions in School Policy

Smoke Free Policy

Visiting Speakers Policy

Whistleblowing Policy