School Uniform

The school operates a compulsory dress code and all students adhere to it.  The code operates on a theme of plain black and white and seeks to accommodate the needs of all our students including the wearing of cultural dress.  The aim is to make the dress easily and cheaply available and helps emphasise the school’s identity.


School Blazer

  • Plain black blazer with the school badge must be worn.


School Trousers

  • Trousers must be tailored loose fitting and cover the ankle.  Skinny fit trousers, leggings, or jeans must not be worn.  Trousers which are made from stretchy material including lycra or elastane are not acceptable.  There should be no visible buttons or zips.  Students may wear a black or grey belt.  Parents and carers should note that school uniform retailers sell trousers which we deem unacceptable and parents/carers should satisfy themselves before purchasing that they meet the required expectations.



  • Skirts should be plain black knee to mid-calf length skirts. Tight fitting or ‘tube’ skirts must not be worn.

 School Shirt or Blouse

  • Plain white with long or short sleeves and collar, suitable for wearing the school tie.  This means a shirt with a fastening top button. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


School Tie

  •  Black and House colour diagonal stripe clip on tie.



  •  Year group lanyard must we worn and visible at all times.


School Jumper

  • Plain black, V-necked with school badge.



  • Plain black, plain cotton, narrow tapered trousers.



  • Plain black, plain cotton, straight line, mid-calf length dress with round neck and long or short sleeves.  A    school sweatshirt, as described above, may also be worn.



  • Plain white or plain black cotton scarf.



  • Black or grey.



  • Black or neutral.



  • Flat, black shoes (no logos), with a sturdy sole, that can be polished and are not suede.  Training Shoes of any type are not allowed apart from for PE lessons, or sporting activities at break times.

Outside Clothing

  • Need not be black or white but we would encourage the purchase of sensible coats.  Outside clothing must NOT be worn inside the school building.



  • During the winter a plain black wool hat and in summer a plain black or white baseball cap (with no logos) may be worn outside the building ONLY.

Students who are not in correct uniform will be removed from the main body of the school until parental contact has been made and an agreed solution made.



All Years

PE Kit for Girls and Boys will be:


  • Collared black polo shirt with house colour panel and school logo. A plain black t-shirt (without branded logos) can be worn as an alternative (indoor lessons)
  • Black long sleeve shirt with house colour panel and school logo. A plain black t-shirt (without branded logos) can be worn as an alternative (outdoor lessons)
  • Plain black football socks
  • Training shoes with non-marking soles (canvas trainers/pumps are not allowed)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Sports Leggings are acceptable. These have to be sport and not cotton.
  • Cycling Shorts are not permitted.
  • No Hoodies to be worn.



  • Plain black track suit with school logo
  • Plain black shorts 
  • Plain black football socks
  • Shin pad
  • Layers in winter are allowed underneath the Derby Moor PE top. Sports jackets / base layer tops are advised.
  • Boots for the ATP – No metal studs
  • During trampolining/dance and gymnastics students can wear grip socks.


Football boots (no blades or metal studs for use on artificial football pitch). Please note that students will be asked to remove all footwear and socks for lessons in Dance studio/Gymnasium.

Students should continue to bring PE kit with them, even if they are injured/unable to participate in PE, as they will still be involved in the lesson taking on different roles (coach/official/scorer etc.).

Students are required to provide their own hair ties/bobbles to tie up long hair during lessons.


Our first consideration is the safety of our students.  The wearing of certain jewellery can be a danger to themselves or to others, e.g. heavy chains, bracelets, medallions or sovereign rings.

  1. The school reserves the right to request any student to remove jewellery which we believe could cause injury to themselves or others.
  2. Nose rings and nose studs are not allowed.
  3. Ear-rings: students may only wear one small, solid stud per ear. They must be removed during P.E. sessions.
  4. No other form of body piercing is allowed in school.
  5. The steel bangle worn by members of our Sikh Community has a religious significance. It should be as small and light as possible for safety reasons.  No other type of bracelet should be worn.
  6. No rings are allowed and no visible necklaces.


We encourage students not to bring items of value to school for obvious reasons and jewellery often falls into this category.


Make-up, Nail Varnish and Perfume

  • The wearing of make-up, tinted lip balm and nail varnish is not allowed.  False/Acrylic type nails are not permitted. Bottles of perfume are not to be brought into school.



  •  Hair must be worn in an appropriate style, and should be of one natural colour.  Hair styles and patterning which could be deemed offensive are not permitted.



It is vital that all students are equipped with the correct tools to support their learning. Under no circumstances should a student be sent to school without the following:

  • A bag which is large enough to carry a folder if necessary.
  • A pencil case which contains a pen, pencil and ruler.
  • A school planner (these will be issued to students on the first day of term).


We want our students to be fully prepared to learn and are sure that you will be fully supportive of us on this matter.


Bike Helmets

  • All students who ride cycles or scooters to school are expected to wear a helmet.



  •  Lockers are not being used in school at this time.


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